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Ten: If Money is Power, It's Our Time. Special Edition for Equal Pay Day
Nine: If We Stop, The World Stops. Special Edition for International Women's Day
Eight: What seeds are you planting this year?
Seven: A little poolside reading to go with your summer rose'
Six: Feel It? | In Each Pause I Hear The Call
Five: Can't Imagine a World Without You
Four: Events, reads, and so much more...
Three: Let's Do Something Together
Two: What Comes Next? Special Edition Post Election
One: Hey there!


Some really helpful Facebook groups that offer some great content as well as how-to support for professionals. 


This list is focused on smaller gatherings and conferences that bring together thought leaders like you for engaging conversations and experiences. 


Traveling alone is awesome, but sometimes it's nice to try new things and meet people along the way. These are some curated adventures (for adults) you might enjoy. 

Food + Culture + Adventure

Women Only

Retreat Centers

Special Experiences


Create Your Own Adventure + Solo Travel

Disclaimer: Please note we are not affiliated with any of the organizations listed above and are therefore not responsible for your experience with their company.